World Premiere: New Crypto ATM arrived!


Now for almost a year of intensive discussions, planning, meetings, requirements, tests, software development and construction time, our announced third Crypto ATM Model has arrived today.

In all the presentations and events that we have done in the last year, I have announced the “NEW”. It has always been a big question mark, as we were not allowed to publish a photo because of the pattern protection. Now he is there. Our new EXCLUSIVE model of a scalable Crypto ATM machine. What does highly scalable mean? For large deliveries and increased demand, we have already initiated a year ago that we can manufacture a machine that can be produced in a large factory on the conveyor belt and large batches, while ensuring the highest safety standards and the best quality.

Also this third Crypto ATM machine in our portfolio is a 2 – Way machine. Ergo one can buy at the machine both cryptocurrency, as well as sell. In several places narrow LED strips are attached, which can be color matched to the environment. The entire hardware inside is the latest technology. We have implemented the Crypto ATM machine with one of the strongest partners in this segment and are now prepared for large quantities and purchase quantities. At the same time and to the point, the creation of our software, which runs on the machine, is almost done. Everything was right. Everything was perfectly organized. We thank the partners of the C-Novation-Atm Michael Preiss and Karsten Meissner and their team, who made this possible, for the complete support and also the introduction of this possibility.

Here are the first photos from our production hall. Glittering brochure photos will follow shortly. Cover photo: Gabriele called Gabi Schoenemann /

Crypto ATM machine
Crypto ATM machine

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