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ATM machines near you

If you are interested in ATM machines or want to join an existing network, we will build them for you and let you become part of the network. ATM machines are a great way to earn money, whether the market is going up or down. We are currently building a network of 1000 and more ATM machines across Europe.

You can sell the machines as a product in your company, earn commissions and participate in the exchange rates. Use C-Novation as your technical product partner and sell under your own brand.

High safety standards


Know Your Customer (KYC) is an international security standard designed to help identify new corporate financial criminals and prevent money laundering.


Anti Money Laundering is designed to combat money laundering and refers to a set of laws, regulations and procedures designed to prevent criminal and illegal trafficking.


Safe and easy to use.
A verification procedure via mobile phone ensures the recognition of the user. Thus, a customer only has to identify himself once with his ID.

Prepaid service

Prepaid cards are becoming increasingly popular. The digital payment vouchers can be integrated into the software as an additional function.
This will expand the service offering of your ATM devices and reach even more customers.

Do you already own ATM machines?

If you own ATM systems and are dissatisfied with the operation or functionality, or want to convert to cryptocurrencies, we can equip your devices with our software and, if necessary, adapt them to your ATMs.

We have the innovative software for you

Our visually appealing processing software guides you intuitively through the animated transaction processes. Here it is important to keep the processes as simple and user-friendly as possible, while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Individual solutions

Our developers and media experts can implement changes according to your individual ideas. So additional functions are conceivable or redesigned on your branding u.v.m.

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