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Is your business prepared for the future? – The next stage of development in payment transactions is here!

Faster, easier, cheaper and faster – absolutely safe!
Your customer has the choice, you have the advantages.
Flexibility in payment transactions is absolutely necessary today. The customer wants to have as many payment methods to choose from, because as different as the people are, as diverse are their preferred money transfer solutions when shopping.

Mobile POS devices can be used in many different ways: in the catering trade, in the shop at the cash register, on the way at the customer’s site or at the fair! The devices have a battery and with existing Wi-Fi, all payments are done easily – no matter where you are!

If you are interested in getting ATM machines or participate on an existing network, we build them for you and let you be part of the network.
ATM machines are perfect to earn money with no matter if the market goes up or down.

We build a network of 1000 and more ATM machines in europe. You can use them as a product to sell in your company and earn commissions and participate on the change fees.

Use us as your technical product partner and sell it with your brand.

Welcome to the future of online payments.
Over 100,000 traders already accept cryptocurrencies and new ones are added daily. As the number of buyers with these virtual currencies increases, this is a crucial time to reach new and even more customers.

Do you remember the time when checkbooks were replaced by debit cards and later by credit cards? Many people then distrusted the new payment channels, and yet: what is faster, easier and more efficient will always prevail!

Receive Payments Immediately, Save Transaction Fees, New Customers, International Transactions without Currency Exchange, Accept Crypto and Receive USD / € / Yen, No Crypto Exchange Rate Risks, Offer Digital Products Worldwide, Fast Instant Booking, Ease of Use, Accept Various Crypto Coins With Only an interface, return debit excluded.

We build with you your personal mining product. You can choose wether GPU mining or Asic Mining or both. So you are free to choose which coins you want to mine.

You are totally free to choose what kind of commission plan you want to use and which kind of product style e.g. Life time or time limited.
Our Mining Farms are stationed in Western Europe and Canada. Our most interest is safety and long term business.

We build you own branded Dashboard for your clients and connect it to your own software if you like. You can even use it without having own software.
The GPU mining Equipment is build under the eyes of german engineers.


Hardware & Software Solutions

Mining Management System

Profitable Mining needs optimum control!

Processing your Mining Farm easily and quickly and having constant overview is a challenge!

Rig saw is the software solution helping you produce the best mining results!
Coming Soon!


Mining Management System

First and foremost, a masternode is like any other node, a server within a distributed network. Nodes are important because they can handle transactions and store the blockchain. However, a masternode is able to perform tasks that a normal node can not:

Processing anonymous and confidential transactions
Instant transactions
Are eligible to participate in governance and have voting rights

The tasks and voting rights of a master’s class can vary considerably and depend on the respective platform.


Technical Masternode Service

“White Label” Solutions

Codings & Designs
Developer for all common script languages are ready for you to build your individual website and program logic.

Media & Designs
We build your media solution with brand videos, neutral education videos and print media, even with your own brand logo.

We help you to create your individual crypto concept and be at your side from beginning till launch.

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