C-Novation bundles all activities under one roof

In December 2018, a new brand was born. C-Novation.
C-Novation is first and foremost crypto and innovation. However, the company is not new. Only the brand is new. So far, the company was without its own brand only under the name Momentum GmbH active in the market. And since 2 1/2 years already very successful in the crypto industry. Now the company merges with the different areas to form a big fire.

Our mission and passion is to create, sell and advise companies on a professional infrastructure for crypto currency, or to supply them with crypto and blockchain products.

C-Novation consists of a group of companies, some of which are even positioned as market leaders in their segment or, in any case, in the upper third.

These include the mining of various cryptocurrencies, the production and installation of crypto ATM machines, point of sale systems, and checkout systems for web shops.

These areas form an entire ecosystem of interfaces, which are extremely interesting for companies with their own coins.

In addition, we offer distributors or companies who want to create or sell their own crypto products the opportunity to provide “Whitelabel” the products and infrastructure. An own brand can thus be used to place these products as a separate brand.

Upon request, we also create exclusive products for partners.

C-Novation is active at several international fairs and summits and actively supports the diffusion of crypto and blockchain technology.

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