The Crypto Evolution


We sell ATM-Machines with full KYC and AML process and let you be part of the income

Point of sale devices

Accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your local store and get it in USD, EUR or Coins

Web Payment Solutions

Accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your webshop and get it in USD ,EUR or Coins


We design your individual mining product with your own billing system and customer dashboard

Mining Management Software

Processing your Mining Farm easily and quickly and having constant overview is a challenge!

Installing Masternodes Service

We help you with our technical and strategic know-how in getting benefits from installing masternodes



C-Novation is here to bring the use of crypto to a new standard!

Making Block-chain transactions and Crypto coins an everyday experience is the mission of C-Novation. Specialists have understood a decade ago the new level Crypto can bring to our financial system, international commerce and our personal life! All that is missing is: Making crypto easy!

We are dedicated to helping you grow your crypto business providing the best crypto service and products you can have!

All services and products created and manufactured by C-Novation are here to lift Crypto to the next level:

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Useful
  • Fun
  • Mainstream

Your customer will have a pleasurable and quick experience using Crypto payment or Crypto ATMs.
Trust is built when your audience sees how safe crypto can be! Fully developed and mature Block-Chain based business overcame the niche of early day testing and a new economy and growing market rises!


Patrick Flender

CEO & Chief Visionary Officer

Detlev Beckmann

CEO & Chief Financial Officer

Core Team

Manou Antweiler

Key Account Manager

Eva-Maria Kotschulla

Chief Customer Officer &
Key Account Manager

Christoph Bünger

Chief Software Architect

You have sales and would like to include our products in your portfolio?

We work directly hand in hand with your project managers, coders and designers. You will get 2nd level support. We work completely in-house and for that reason very effective.


All ressourses and technical equipment is completely in our own hands, so we have maximum flexibility.

Codings & Designs

Developer for all common script languages are ready for you to build your individual website and program logic.

Media & Design

We build your media solution with brand videos, neutral education videos and print media, even with your own brand logo


We help you to create your individual crypto concept and be at your side from beginning till launch.

Why choose us?

Create Your Own Crypto Business Today

White-label Solutions

We build your crypto-business with your company design and branding

Crypto currency is changing the world right now. If you think about expand your business by selling crypto products, like mining, ATM machines, payment methods, trading, ICO´s and more, we are your best partner.

We have experts in all major areas of the new industry who are ready to help you with the crypto business.

You sell and we handle the technic as well as we create and produce your products.

Customers and Partners